Wire strike

One of our clients struck a power line during landing, and we were asked to conduct an independent investigation.  During the investigation we identified the key contributing safety factors, which included, among other things, the visual illusions experienced by the pilot during the approach. The client was thrilled that the investigation was able to be wrapped up inside 10 working days, and CASA was very happy with our report. The report allowed the client to address the issues identified in the report in a timely manner, and have confidence that it will not happen again.

During the investigation process we do the following:
  • Investigate using the ICAO Manual of Aircraft Accident Investigation as our guide
  • Interview pilots and other witnesses
  • Establish the facts as known at the time of the accident
  • Provide an analysis of the facts
  • Accident modelling using an event tree
  • Just culture process
  • Provide findings and contributing safety factors
  • Provide recommendations
  • Full report issued to the client