Landing on closed runway

  • Closed Runway

We recently investigated a landing that was carried out on a closed runway.

When investigating this incident we found multiple contributing safety factors, which included the marking of the runway. We found that the runway was marked with a white cross but only in a few spots. The Manual of Standards (MOS) for Aerodromes (MOS 139) states that when using signs of 6m x 6m (as pictured) the runway should be marked at 200m intervals. It was also interesting to read that  MOS139 (8.9) states that the white crosses could be used to indicate that portion of a runway which is unusable.

This investigation was conducted over 5 working days and completed remotely. The client was able to do some of the field work under our direction.

Our report enabled the client to take swift remedial safety actions, and was also distributed to the Aerodrome. CASA also reviewed our report and appeared satisfied with its content.