First Article Inspections

First Article Inspections

We have experience in conducting first article inspections in accordance with the European Standard EN 9102 also known as AS9102. We can also conduct the first article inspection in accordance with your own process.

First article inspections are also known as FAI.

The primary purpose of the first article inspection is to validate that product realisation processes are capable of producing parts and assemblies that meet engineering and design requirements. A well planned and executed first article inspection will provide objective evidence the manufacturers processes can produce compliant product and that they have understood and incorporated associated requirements.

A first article inspection will:

  • Provide confidence that the product realisation processes are capable of producing conforming product
  • Demonstrate that the manufacturers and processors of the product have an understanding of the associate requirements
  • Provide objective evidence of process capability
  • Reduce potential risks associated with production start-up and/or process changes
  • Provide assurance of product conformance at the start of production and after changes

A first article inspection is intended to:

  • Reduce future escapes, risks, and total costs
  • Help ensure safety of flight
  • Improve quality, deliver, and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce costs and production delays associated with product non-conformaces
  • Identify product realisation processes that are not capable of producing conforming product, and initiate and/or validate corrective actions



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