Aviation auditing

Aviation auditing

We can audit independently, or within your SMS

Aviation auditing is the very foundation of what we do, and we do it well.

Our aviation auditing service is tailored to each individual clients requirements. Some of these areas may include:

  • Internal audit
  • External audit
  • Contractual
  • Compliance
  • Assurance
  • Safety Management System
  • Quality Management System

You can specify the scope of your audit – whether it is a single department, your whole organisation or even a contracted third party. We are also able to assist you in setting up an audit program for your organisation so that you can self-audit in the future. Some clients use our service to help complete their internal audit program.

Our audit process is highly commended as we audit to your Manual suite, not to some standard that has been created by consultants. This means we will ask for access to your manuals so we can establish the correct audit criteria. However, if you have agreed to comply with a standard set by the Oil and Gas Industry, or another resource sector standard, we can audit you to that standard as well.

Our audit philosophy is that your manuals inform the Civil Aviation Safety Authority on how you will run your business. And so our procedure is to audit you to your manuals, so that we can measure your conformance to those standards.

Our audits are conducted using the following standards as guidance;

  • ISO 9001 Quality management systems
  • ISO 19011 Guidelines for auditing management systems

During the audit process we keep the auditee informed at every step. If we find a non-conformance, we issue a non-conformance report. If we see something that we think could turn into a non-conformance over time we will raise this with you in an observation report.

At the end of our audits, we always discuss each and every finding with you to gain your feedback and agreement. We issue a formal audit report which is issued as a PDF document.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, which is why we receive positive feedback on each and every audit. We only use certificated auditors.

Our clients include;

  • Resource sector
  • Charter operators
  • Maintenance providers (CAR 30, and Part 145)
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Helicopter EMS operators

Some of the remarks we have received;

  • ‘Your the first auditor to ask for our manuals’
  • ‘The best audit we have ever had’
  • ‘That’s the first time an auditor has used our manuals to conduct an audit’

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