Aircraft Accident Investigation

Aircraft Accident Investigation

Getting an investigation right is extremely important

In Australia it is the responsibility of the ATSB to conduct an aircraft accident investigation, however, this does not absolve you from conducting your own investigation, especially if you have a Safety Management System.

In fact, CASA may request your internal accident investigation report and expect it within a short time frame. The ATSB may take several years to finalise an investigation, depending on the complexity of the investigation, therefore making your own aircraft accident investigation report important.

We often find that an organisation is not equipped to carry out an effective internal investigation, and sometimes we find that a level of independence is beneficial.

Our investigations use the ICAO Manual of Aircraft Accident and Incident investigation as guidance, and we investigate using a just culture process. Depending on the actual accident or incident, our aircraft accident investigation report is usually finalised within 2-6 weeks.

We are also able to investigate an accident on behalf of Insurance companies, or other legal bodies that require an explanation of what has caused an accident.

Our Aviation Investigator is our Managing Director, Dennis Hill. Dennis has been extensively trained in aircraft accident investigation and holds a Graduate Diploma of Accident Investigation.

Dennis has carried out in excess of 60 independent aviation accident investigations throughout Australia including;

  • Wheels up landing
  • Wire strike during landing
  • Landing on a closed runway
  • In-flight engine shutdown
  • Car 30 Maintenance error
  • Part 145 Maintenance error (multiple investigations)
  • Collision with ground, fatality
  • Disorientation after night takeoff event
  • Aircraft loading error (B777);
  • Collision with water during ferry operations:
  • Controlled flight into terrain; and many more.

In addition to aircraft accident investigations, we can also carry out Aircraft Maintenance Error Investigations, Accidents and Incidents at Aerodromes, and generally just about any accident or incident within the aviation industry.

Dennis has also reviewed thousands of incidents for various clients worldwide providing input into causal events.

If you would like us to investigate, remember that time can be critical as some evidence may perish or become unreliable over time.

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